Electrical services

Main ServicesAdditional services
Installing kitchen lighting 5,00/pc
Installing electric switch 10,00/pc
Installing the electrical outlet 10,00/pc
Wiring inside the furniture 10,00
Cutting hole for electrical box (plaster) 10,00/pc
Cutting hole for electrical box (concrete) 30,00/pc
Cutting hole for electrical box (fibo, aeroc, brick) 20,00/pc
Grooving (plaster) 10,00/m
Grooving (concrete) 30,00/m
Grooving (fibo, aeroc, brick) 20,00/m
Electric light fixtures installing от 15.00/pc
Wiring replacement in appartment and houses Price negotiable
Electrical panel replacement Price negotiable
Electric floor heating installation Price negotiable
Electric boiler installation Price negotiable
Electric sauna and chimney installation Price negotiable
Outdoor works Price negotiable
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