About us

The company JUM CONNECT OÜ has been operating in Estonia for more than 15 years. During this time we not only have found many regular customers and partners but also have gained a wealth of experience meeting different challenges.

Continuous professional education and taking part in practical training enables us to apply the most advanced technology, use high quality materials and equipment. That, in turn, gives you a guarantee of fast works execution on high quality level and without any extra costs.

Our goal

Our main goal is highly professional service of our customers and competent communication. With free consultations of our technicians we ensure you an individual approach to your needs.

Our fields of activity

  1. Sales, installation and repair of home appliances and professional equipment.
  2. All kinds of gas works.
  3. Plumbing and sanitary engineering.

1. In sphere of home appliances and professional equipment:

We offer installation of washing machines and dishwashers, electric stoves, gas stoves, refrigerators, hood dryers, ovens and other appliances for your home or business in compliance with all technical standards, regulations and the laws of Estonia, as well as manufacturer’s conditions.

Indoor lighting service, wiring and any others electrical solutions.

Installation and repair of equipment for bars, restaurants, hotels, laundries, stores, etc.

Pipeline and communications construction and installation services for enterprises, including stainless steel, metal and plastic, cast iron, copper and others pipelines.

2. In field of gas systems:

We lay indoor and outdoor gas pipes of all the materials permitted by law. We construct gas stations and pipelines and install gas equipment.
We sell, install and repair gas boilers, gas water heaters and other equipment of German company JUNKERS.
We mount systems of heating, as well as hot and cold water supply systems.
We sell and install pumps of GRUNDFOS brand.

3. In the field of sanitary engineering and plumbing:

We install bath units, showers, steam baths, sinks, toilets, bidet faucets, valves, siphons and other sanitary equipment.